Heyyy friends! Today im sharing my In-store Shopping Tips so that you can walk inside any store and feel like a BOSS during your shopping experience. I have a special technique when shopping, corny right? I know lol, but Ive been practicing these techniques for so long that now its just second nature. These shopping tips will stop you from being so overwhelmed when walking into a store and help you strategically make sure you have timeless pieces apart of your clothing selection. Don’t forget to grab your coffee or wine, because its about to get REAL!  So lets just jump right into it and let me share tip number one with you.


Tip Number One: Find Your Inspiration


So this tip is actually done before you even get to the store. It’s very helpful when going shopping for clothes in particular, to have an idea of what it is you’re wanting to shop for. Are you going shopping for an outfit for a specific event? Are you going shopping to revamp your closet? Its great to know if you’re shopping for a specific purpose, because you have tons of social media outlets you can get your inspiration from. You can get on Pinterest, personally Pinterest is my all time favorite outlet for inspiration. I scroll through my Pinterest feed and pin outfit ideas that spark my interest. Instagram is also a great outlet, you can scroll through your feed and save photos that spark your interest as well. Don’t forget to follow my Instagram page, the link is at the bottom of the screen 🙂 You also have the option of taking a sneak peek of the stores’ website and getting a glance of whats in store for you before you get there.  Getting inspiration is always a great idea.


Tip Number Two: Scan, Scan, Scan


 Something I find very helpful when shopping is to literally walk in and immediately do a walk-thru. Most retail stores have color schemes and are separated by formal wear and everyday wear, which can be helpful if you’re shopping for a specific purpose. Go take a look at the store’s items at a glance. After you’ve finished doing that continue with your second walk-thru. At this point if you literally see anything that sparks your interest, pick it up. This tip does involve you having great self control once this shopping adventure is over, because when scanning (depending on the person) you probably shouldn’t buy everything that you’ve picked up which brings me to my next tip, process of elimination.


Tip Number Three: Process of Elimination


Now after scanning away and picking items that make your heart smile, it’s time for the process of elimination. I usually take this tip very serious while i’m in the dressing room or as soon as i’ve exited. So you’ve already eliminated the items that either did not fit to your liking or that just didn’t blow you away and you have to ask yourself a couple questions about the ones that made the cut. Question #1- Where can i wear this item or will i get a great use out of it?  and Question #2- Do i have anything already that I can pair with this item? Asking those two questions will help you out more than you can ever imagine and also stop you from purchasing items that will just sit in your closet for months and collect dust. Trust me.


Tip Number Four: Check Out Sales


Everyone can appreciate a good deal. Seeming that i have worked retail before, I can guarantee you that most retail stores haves igns to advertise their Promo’s. Now, im not speaking on clearance items because me personally, i hate going into a very cluttered clearance section and getting quite overwhelmed. That definitely will not be the case for all stores, but i just wanted to throw that out there. Im actually speaking on sales such as “Basic Tee’s-Buy one get one free” or “ALL DENIM ON SALE FOR $20”. Those are the types of sales I’m talking about and usually now around the holidays, they have a ton of them. Please take advantage!


Now of course, I’m speaking from my own personal shopping experiences and sharing with you tips that have never failed me! Im really hoping that these tips help you out just as much! What are some tips that you literally swear by every time you go shopping? Leave a comment and let me know! Again, I would like to thank you all for coming to check out my blog!! Please Please Please share with me other fashion tips you would like me to cover! Im here to give you guys what YOU want!!! 🙂


Hugs & Kisses,