Heyyyy Friends!!! Im super excited to be posting my very first OOTD (outfit of the day)!!!! So I have A  fun fact to share with you guys, one of my all time favorite hobbies is to just put outfits together, take pictures, and now that I’ve started my blog I finally have someone to share them with. LOL My post will let you know where I purchased everything and what made me put this ensemble together. So grab your cup of coffee or wine and lets jump right into it!!!!!



Sooo, I guess i’ll start off with my favorite part of the whole outfit, which is the Coco Cola t-shirt. I purchased this shirt from Target’s clearance rack for $9! I know its such a “basic tee” to many, but I see it as a very classic piece that you can literally dress up with heels or down with sneakers. I felt very accomplished when I purchased this bad boy for nine bucks. lol  I purchased the black distressed denim jacket for $27 from F21, the leather leggings are also from F21.

Now its time for the accessories, my hat is from F21 also. The hat is totally optional, but it did add a little pizazz to the look. I got this cute little GUESS purse from my mom’s old purses. I’m pretty sure this purse is like 20+ years old, so in my eyes its vintage! 🙂 My choker came from Urban Outfitters and my watch is from Fossil. I love Fossil watches, they are so sophisticated in my opinion. These leather booties are SOOOO BOMB!! I purchased these from F21 a couple of months ago, and boy am I happy I did. You can put these babies with so many outfits!!!! I’m very happy I added these into my fall collection, because ill probably wear them every chance I get. lol

How I Put My Bomb OOTD Together:

Now, Im basically gonna let you in my brain and explain why and how I put this outfit together. So the main piece I was determined to style was the coco cola t-shirt. I then needed bottoms, so what better way to add a little edge to the outfit other than some leather leggings. These booties can literally go with anything, so I then added them to the look. I then realized i had the leather booties and leather leggings, and I felt like I needed something else to balance it all out, which brought me to the oversized black denim jacket. This outfit is super edgy so the black choker and dark maroon lip just set it off perfectly! Down below are some links to some pieces that are very similar to my pieces. Just give them a click and it will take you right to the item! Have Fun!!! 🙂

Thank you so much for coming and checking out my blog post! I just want to let you guys know how appreciative I am for you supporting me doing something I Love!!! Don’t forget to put your email in the subscription bar up top. Also,can you guys please write a comment down below, telling me where you purchased your favorite booties?!!!! Im so looking forward to adding some more to my collection (As you can see, I’m addicted to great booties) !


Hugs & Kisses,