Hey Friends!!! Today I will be starting a new series and I’ve decided to name it “TOP FIVE”. This series basically takes you online shopping with me and I let you know my TOP FIVE purchases I would make at that particular store for the time being. Of course I would consider the season, the weather, whats trending and any other factors I consider when making clothing purchases. Im basically being your virtual personal shopper, SO LETS GET STARTED! So as you can see by the title the store I’ve chosen is Boohoo!! It is strictly online, but this store is AMAZING!!!


My first item on my TOP FIVE is this oversized button up shirt. Boohoo offers it in black and white and to be honest I would purchase it in both colors. The sizes available are small, medium, and large. I would probably be able to fit a small, but I would purchase the medium just to get the true oversized fit. This item would definitely become one of my favorite pieces because its so universal in my opinion. You can dress it up with jeans and high-heel booties, or dress it down with denim shorts and a pair of converse or vans. Take your pick! This shirt is currently retailed at $16! Click on the photo below now and make your purchase πŸ™‚



My second item on my TOP FIVE from Boohoo are these studded black ankle boots. These aren’t going to be everyones style, but they make me happy just looking at them! I personally like them because most of my wardrobe is definitely basic, so I either use my shoes or accessories to make my outfits POP, and these shoes get the job done. These booties only come in one color which is black, and that is my favorite color so I’m not mad at that at all! They currently are 50% off and retail at $30. You know the drill click on the photo and make your purchase!


My third item on my TOP FIVE Β is going to be this maxi cardigan. This is definitely a fall purchase. Boohoo offers this cardigan in multiple colors, but I would either purchase it in block (obviously) or this color they call nude which looks pretty blush to me. This item is such a great layering piece on those days where its not extremely cold, but there is just a fall chill in the air. This item retails at $20, which is a bomb price if you ask me. You can wear this cardigan with jeans and tank under it, with one of those pair of bottles that you purchased from my “5 Fashion Pieces You Need in Your Closet Post “


My fourth TOP PIVE purchase is another top that I’m obsessed with. I think I’m drawn to this shirt because its a shirt that you can really wear ANYTIME of the year. Its oversized, lightweight and can be dressed up or down. After reading this I’m pretty sure you’ve guessed my shopping style and whats important to me when shopping lol. What genuinely sold me on this shirt was actually the way Boohoo chose to dress the model. Everything just naturally flowed, but if that particular way of dressing isn’t your style, you can also put this top with your favorite pair of jeans and make sure you get some layering necklaces to top it off! You can’t go wrong with a low cut shirt and layering necklaces πŸ™‚ This shirt is retailed at $18 and comes in three colors.


My final purchase from my TOP FIVE from Boohoo is going to be this black shoulder bag. I love the size of this bag and the minimal detail. Its currently retailed at $14, and comes in black and red. This bag can finish off any look that I’ve mentioned in this post. I love making purchased that can be worn on a daily basis, not just for certain occasions. Check out this simple beauty below.


Well friends, thats the end of my Boohoo TOP FIVE! I hope that you had fun shopping with me and I also hope that I rubbed some inspiration of on you! Thank you so much for reading and I hope to see you again! Leave me a comment telling me which items you recently purchased from Boohoo.com!!


Hugs & Kisses,