Heyyyyy Friends!! I know you all are well aware that Fall is literally right around the corner. Fall is my absolute favorite season and when it comes to fall fashion, you can bet that I’m trying to be ALLLL in the mix. I’ve grown to be very knowledgable in the fall fashion department, so here I will share with you  5 Fall Fashion Pieces you need in your closet for Fall 2017. So grab a snack or a glass a wine (thats always my preference lol) so I can share these tips with you and your closet can be at its best for the fall.

1. Leather Jacket

Your closet would not be complete without a leather jacket. Leather jackets are always a “go to” Fall piece because not only does it make any outfit look amazing, its not too heavy for that fall breeze we always seem to get late September or early October. Here are a few links to some leather jackets that would be perfect for fall and are reasonable priced. Just click on the photo and it will take you directly to the site.

2. Classic Button up Shirt

The next item is also a Fall Must Have and that is the classic button up. Button ups are one of my all time favorite pieces to have in my staple wardrobe. Button ups can range anywhere from a basic white one to a distressed denim button up, either one will set off your fall outfit and have you “Stylyn“. Check out the  buttoned-ups I linked down below for you and tell me what you think.


3. The Classic Ankle Boot

Please don’t forget to grab your classic ankle bootie for the fall. This is such a classic item that I’ve found myself recycling from years ago because they are so timeless. Having a classic black pair and some type of brown or nude bootie will complete your shoe game all fall if you want it to. You can never go wrong with a suede bootie or any kind of bootie for that matter.


4. Oversized Denim

Now this item has become a classic fall item in the last couple of years, but it is definitely a MUST HAVE. That item would be an oversized denim jacket or shirt. These are awesome because they are perfect as a layering piece and you can style it with a cute T-shirt dress and your classic bootie and be ready for your day.


5. The Perfect Jean Selection

Your last and final Must Have Fall item you need in your closet is going to be the perfect jean. Now, I am the kind of girl that can definitely wear jeans all year round lol. But jeans definitely have to be on your fall fashion shopping list. I also know searching for jeans can be a hassle for many, but i will place a couple links to some jeans that I think you will love. Every girl needs a a classic black pair, their favorite shade of blue, and a great distress jean. Fashion Nova is known for their jean selection, click the link and check them out. https://www.fashionnova.com/ 

So after you have purchased these 5 items and placed them in your closet, I would love for you to comment down below and tell me how complete you feel. 🙂 Having a wardrobe you love, you’re comfortable with, and that is timeless can really make getting ready everyday a breeze. What other fashion tips would you like me to share with you, please let me know!!