I have plenty of friends who are so in love with shopping, but can’t master the objective of online shopping. Well today my friends, Ive come up with the online shopping handbook; not really but here I have 5 tips to help you master online shopping and make sure you are satisfied with your online shopping experience.

1. Give yourself room for trial and error.

I know most people’s reasoning for not really enjoying online shopping is sizing, but you can’t be scared to try out at-least one purchase and also having the possibility that the clothing won’t be exactly the size you need. Utilize the size chart as much as you can, because most of the time it’s very helpful. So for instance, your first online purchase turns out to be 1 pair of pants, maybe a top, and a dress; you pick the sizes that seem to be close to what you need. You finally receive your merchandise and the sizes are slightly off. Well, that’s OK. From now on, you know whether you should go up a size or down a size and now you can shop your life away.

2. Try using stores that you’ve already purchased from in person.

If you are familiar with that particular store’s sizing it would be very easy for you to shop your store online. You would be able to distinguish if that store’s sizing is true to size or just a little off. You don’t always have to bank on this tip, because there are great stores that are JUST online and cant be shopped in person. A perfect example is Boohoo you can click the link here->     (its one of my favessssss).


So sorry to yell at you, but this tip is very important. Most stores use all of their social media platforms to promote such as YouTube, Instagram and even Google. Majority of the time when you read reviews and 9 out of 10 of them are HORRIBLE, then guess what? RUN!!! If the percentage of negative reviews outweighs the positive reviews by a long shot then catch the hint. Reviews are also helpful when shopping online because it gives you insight and makes you consider things while shopping online that you could of never considered before.

4. Utilize your shopping cart.

This is my favorite and most helpful tip. The shopping cart is there for a reason, USE IT! You find an item that you TOTALLY LOVE or even if you find something that you aren’t completely sure about , place it in your shopping cart. After you have completed your process of elimination while shopping the entire website, you go back to your shopping cart and do your process of elimination. You keep whatever it is you can’t live without and delete the ones that don’t put that sparkle in your eye or closet. It always sucks when you scroll across a “possible” purchase and then when you realize you actually REALLY want it, you can’t find it. Your shopping cart helps you avoid all of that. It also helps you with styling and putting all your outfits together, because you have everything you are considering in one place.

5. Sit on your shopping cart for a couple of days.

My last tip also goes hand in hand with tip number 4, Sit on your shopping cart for a couple of days. This tip is circumstantial. If an item you picked literally has 2 of your items in your size, you have no time to waste, but if all your items in your cart are fully stocked, go ahead and sit on it for a couple days. This short time gives you the opportunity to catch sales that you wouldn’t of caught if you’d made the purchase immediately. This tip is more important now than it used to be, because now online shopping sites have different sales going on each day. An online shopping sight thats famous for that is Boohoo     -Can you tell I’m obsessed with them by now? lol

So friends, even if online shopping isn’t “your thing”, try using these 5 tips and see if your experience is better than what you could of imagined. I would love to hear some of your feedback. What’s some of your online shopping tips that you would like to share?

Hugs &Kisses